The 1950-1960 Indy 500 races were part of the Formula One World Driving Championship sanctioned by the American Automobile Association (1950-1955) and the United States Auto Club (1956-1960). All results were reported in imperial measurement system. The Indy 500 qualifying was extended over three days as the cars completed individual four lap runs. The fastest four lap average speed posted on the first day guaranteed the Pole Position, regardless of whether faster runs were recorded during the subsequent sessions or who had posted the fastest single lap speed. Here, the fastest single-lap speed is noted as fastest qualifying lap and the fastest four-lap qualifier is also noted separately. At least until 1959 only a lap completed by the current race leader was timed individually, then measurements were taken on how far behind the other cars were. Conceivably, a car running further back in the field could have had the actual fastest lap of the race. The 1950 race was stopped early due to rain after 138 laps, all the remaining races were run for 200 laps.

Races: 11

Drivers: 202 (includes 9 Grand Prix drivers)

Laps: 2138

Kilometers: 8601.944 (5345.000 miles)

Indy 500 Summary

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1966 Japan 200

1971 Questor Grand Prix







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