Driver Ratings

The following data considered for the Driver Ratings:

  •  Number of seasons in which a driver was actively involved in the  Formula 1 World Championship
  •  Number of Championship Grand Prix starts
  •  Number of times a driver has been classified at finish
  •  Adjusted points (9-6-4-3-2-1 for the top-six) earned by a driver in  a season and over a career
  •  Number of times a driver finished in the top-eight position in the final World Championship standings
  • Number of times a driver recorded fastest qualifying time and/or achieved the pole position
  • Number Championship Grand Prix wins
  • Number of times a driver has led the World Championship point’s classification
  •  Number of podiums, top-six and top-ten race results
  •  Amount of kilometers completed by a driver during a career
  •  Number of times a driver led a race and amount of kilometers in the lead
  •  Number of times a driver qualified in a top-three position
  •  Number of times a driver was disqualified in the race or during qualifying
  •  Number of times a driver retired due to collision, spin, or other accident
  •  Number of times a driver finished higher than his starting grid position
  • Nominal credit is given for non-Championship race wins

Every driver I could identify as having driven current-regulation car during a Grand Prix weekend receives credit. This credit increases when a driver participates in an official practice, qualifying, and the race. A Grand Prix start counts when a driver is on the starting grid to take a ‘green flag’, even if that race is stopped and rescinded and the driver takes no part in the re-start. Of course, the drivers taking part in such annulled start as well as the re-start receive single GP start credit. A driver starting the race from the pit-lane also receives a GP start credit. If, however, a driver breaks-down on the starting grid and the start is aborted, the driver is considered a non-starter. The same applies to any driver who retires on a formation lap.

1950-1960 Indy 500 races were part of the Formula 1 World Championship. Nonetheless, starts and non-starts recorded during those races by Troy Ruttman, Rodger Ward, Alberto Ascari, Jorge Daponte, John Fitch, Giuseppe Farina, Juan Manuel Fangio, Chuck Daigh, and Lloyd Ruby are not considered here.

The drivers who drove Formula 2 cars during the six simultaneous F-1/F-2 races in DE57, DE58, MA58, DE66, DE67, and DE69 are not credited with a GP start.


This system may be different from calculating methods used by other statisticians.









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