(1950-1960 Indy 500 excluded)

  • Seasons: 67
  • Races: 945
  • Drivers: 759
  • Circuits: 74
  • Laps: 60427
  • Km: 300497.928
  • Points: 35790½




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Books: Grand Prix Data Book by David Hayhoe & David Holland, Grand Prix! by Mike Lang, Formula 1 All the Races by Roger Smith, The Great Encyclopedia of Formula 1 by Pierre Ménard, Indy by Richard Taylor.

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Individuals: Donald Davidson, Gabriel Alejandro Engels, David Hayhoe, David Holland, Roman Klemm, Martin Kynčl, Felix Muelas,  Jarda Neubauer, Patrick O’Brien, Giullermo Sánchez-Bouchard, David Smith, Charlie Whiting.

Also: Various magazine, newspaper, or internet articles and interviews published over the years.

Published Works :

Tatra—The Grand Prix Car That Never Was

Grand Prix Racing At The Brno Circuit 1930 -1954



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